the perceptual moment

The mystery, I find, is sown just between the inseam of the perceptual moment. And yet, I can’t help but look back and remember the point when time slowed down. It’s all free-flowing, but then something happens and the game changes. Naturally, the question comes up; the vulnerable brain begs for answers – but the […]

thinking ’bout it all again

do it again, god repeatedly praying from the ocotober flesh on that familiar grass facing old river south i’m here now and the world has changed a bit since i feel it escaping me quicker but as she lay i remember how slow time felt so much so that to be honest i found myself […]


Breathe it in  Because you’re alone  And they hate it  Kill yourself again and get used to it  Just because you’re tired  Of listening to everyone talking  About nothing always  Thinking that it’ll be different  But you’re still sat on the same train  Watching the same sky  And the same cloud-covered tint  Just before it […]


For me, I’ve been breathing Slightly heavier – but breathing all the same As autumn closes in on summer’s dying light I find myself – sort of – buried in the reflective Yeah, I watched them thin so slightly and fall off gently It’s sort of cruel if I think about it In passing time, […]

What a sound it was

Aching, I’m reminded of that feeling through my weathered body tiring on the scuffed city concrete. Memories, I find, all have their place – even the ones I’d rather not be reminded of. Walking helps me, in a sense, to make peace with them as they arrive; one after another. There’s a cursed beauty to […]

the past 3 months

a flight that lands on wonder thrust into life so deep that change knelt in the face of spirit and worked miracles in the mind for sure, they doubted but for him – it was all risk bounce back and build the strength from a slice of hope beneath the skin so he tasted the […]